The need for more powerful vision therapies is clear.

More than 2 million people around the world are living with IRDs and 5 million people are living with GA. Traditional gene therapies targeting specific DNA mutations that cause IRDs have shown great potential to slow vision loss, but they generally do not restore vision once lost. Vedere is committed to innovating therapies that enable these patients to see the world once again—and for the rest of their lifetime.

Changing lives with a brighter way forward.

Our optogenetics-based platform is “mutation-agnostic,” enabling us to develop treatments for IRDs and GA unbounded by the specific underlying genetic cause. Along with our scientific founders at University of California, Berkeley, we are pioneering a form of optogenetics to have several distinct advantages, including enabling patients to see stationary and moving objects in both bright and dim settings without needing a vision-enhancing medical device.

Making medicines to reach patients globally.

We aim to reach as many visually impaired patients as possible, so we are focused on scalable and easily deployable solutions. Our proprietary intravitreally-administered adeno associated virus (AAV) vectors enable office-based treatment on a global scale. We are also establishing best-in-class cell-lines and manufacturing processes to ensure a robust commercial supply chain.

Working together for clear impact.

Our novel AAV capsids are an important component of our pipeline products but can also offer differentiated utility in many other ocular gene therapies. We are always seeking collaboration opportunities with like-minded partners to use our AAVs to make gene therapy more accessible and efficacious for patients around the world.